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In support of Network Neutrality, Zettix.com's home page is a diorama of users dancing freely among top non-porn internet sites ranked by Alexa. Use arrow keys to party. A ThreeJS app. Open source, hosted on github.
Dodge: Zombies
Dodge: Zombies
Use left and right arrow keys to avoid the zombie hoard. A ThreeJS game.
Missile Command
Missile Command Clone
Clone of the 1980 video game Missile Command.
Javascript Tricks
Javascript Tricks
Split an HTML table into tiny pieces.
Animated Gif Maker
Animated Gif Maker
Upload any image to make an animated pallete shifting gif. Resulting animated gifs tend to be huge, so beware.
3D CGI Filter
3D CGI Filter
A CGI based web image filter using Blender.
fractal zoom
Fractal Zoom
Fractal zoom using escape iteration as height as well as color.
punter game
OpenGL Network Game
Early development of Networked OpenGL game, supporting dozens of players.
stanford bunny
OpenGL Model Viewer
View and move models in the ply format, called "flyply".
OpenGL San Francisco
Tool around downtown San Francisco
GJK Java Library 3D Gilbert Johnson Keerthi collision detection library in Java, hosted on github.
Dodge Game: Simple javascript HTML5 game.
Rainbow Vortex: Javascript and Canvas art. Give it a minute to draw.
Ray Tracer: A ray tracer I wrote, named "dirt".
VR Engine: A triangle renderer using an S-Buffer.
Xscreensaver Hack: Draws the timetunnel from Dr. Who circa Tom Baker.
Blender Plugin: Creates triangle mesh from grayscale image.
3-D Photos: Anaglyphs made using two identical cameras.
Textures: I scanned in a snakeskin.

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