3D Filter

Using elements from the fractal zoom program, a cgi based blender filter was created. A user can upload an image, have it run though the filter, and get a render using the red, green, and blue pixel values added together for the height of the resulting mesh. The animation was created using jpegtoavi and the audio added to the avi using ffmpeg. The scripts also employ Netpbm. The entire idea was to hook blender up to a cgi web front end as a no brainer yes you can statement. If I can, you can.

Try it: https://www.zettix.com/3d-filter/index.html

Readme: README
New Source code: 3dcgi-0.1b.tgz Contents
New Source directory: 3dcgi-0.1b/

Old Source code: 3dcgi-0.1a.tgz Contents
Old Source directory: 3dcgi-0.1a/

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