Graphics: Dirt

This is a tiny gallery of pictures generated by a c++ ray tracer I wrote. I named it dirt, the "Distributed Improveable Ray Tracer". Dirt has constructive solid geometry, reflections, bump mapping, textures, a matrix library, and shadows, to name a few of its features.

Click on the small image to get the big one.

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An idea of Mohammid Kizilbash. The face is of a girl he likes...

Same scene with more effects. CSG, shadows, bumpmaps, reflection. Here is an mpeg movie clip (580K)
Four reflective balls between two planes, shaded.

A cube minus a sphere over a partially reflective floor.

Earth in a reflective cube.

3 cylinders anded together to produce a weird shape. Placed in a mirrored corner so you can see it from several perspectives

A reflective ball with stars.

Earth at night over water.

My first nice mpeg. Two reflective concentric pipes cut by two spheres. The whole thing is between ground and sky planes. (300k)

Earth with reflective halo. Suspended above large sphere with scoop.

Source code: dirt-src.tgz Contents
Source directory: dirt-099a/

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