Sean Brennan

Software development

2536 Wilbur St

Oakland, CA, 94602

(510) 530-6928


Capital One, Inc, (Remote) San Francisco, CA, USA — Senior Software Eng

November  2022 - February 2024  

At Capital One, I worked on an internal team developing software to forecast project proposals, staffing, and budgeting.  The back end is in Kotlin and Python, the front end uses React and an internal web toolkit with enhanced functionality to keep products homogenous.  Other technologies include Apache Airflow, Jenkins, internal Github, DBT for database translation, and Spring Boot for APIs between front and back ends.  Jest and JUNIT for testing.  We use a two week sprint model and use Jira for project tracking.

Rippling SEO, Inc, (Remote) San Francisco, CA, USA — Senior Software Eng

January  2022 - June 2022  

In the Rippling Identity Team, I was responsible for a variety of projects, including performance enhancement by refactoring front end and back end communication, and caching. I managed an Intern, with initial ramp up of our technology stack and frequent coaching and feedback on code quality. I led a project to add Identity provisioning for external apps, so that Rippling’s identity provisioning would be federated. In the identity space, I worked on behavior detected rules, multi factor authentication, and other areas of identity management.

Amazon, Inc, (Remote) Oakland, CA, USA — SDE II

August  2020 - October 2021  

In the Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers team, I led various projects in the realms of customer protection in suspicious activity monitoring integration and enhancements to merchant fund management, allowing flexibility with cross border currency exchanges. Code was in java, however Amazon has a world of internal tools and technologies, some external tools we used were DynamoDB, Cloud Formation, SNS, and Lambda, but coordinating with many teams, there are over a dozen doing fraud detection, bad actor identification, and suspicious monitoring teams, new ones created all the time, and one had to coordinate, onboard services, vet designs and drive consensus very often.

RMS, Inc, Union City, CA, USA — Dev Eng Sr

July  2018 - January 2020  

At RMS (Risk Management Solutions) I worked in the back end writing in Java and Scala. RMS wrote catastrophe prediciton software for insurers to help balance their risk exposure, clients were both insurers and reinsurers. We used microservice endpoints that ran in Microsoft's Azure cloud, while in 2020 plans to migrate to AWS were in place. Technologies included Spark for parallel execution, Kudu for column store, Mesos for logging, Postgres for tables, Jira for tracking, Git for SCM.

Yahoo!, Inc, Sunnyvale, CA, USA — Dev Eng Sr

March  2016 - August   2017

In the Video Back End team, I am a senior Java developer working on trending and suggestions.   Technologies involve Redis, Apache Storm, as well as many Yahoo proprietary technologies.   Video is extremely important to Yahoo!, and is the V in MAVEN.

Google, Inc, Mountain View, CA, USA — GSA Platform

November 2005 - October 27, 2015

In the Google Search Appliance team, I led various projects, the most recent being a service to store customer passwords.   This was done in python using an RPC system and Google’ s protocol buffers, our cloud computing platform, and required design documentation, security documentation, and privacy documentation involving teams including lawyers to ensure customer data was protected.   All code has unit test coverage.   I also fixed many bugs in the GSA and coded in C++, Java, and javascript when needed.

Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, CA — RPG Team

February  2001 - January 2005

Wrote and maintained software in bash, csh, python, and C. As a Render Wrangler, I aided in debugging renders and coordinating bug fixes with tools group. Acted as liaison between production, studio tools, and the information systems department. As a systems administrator, I managed the renderfarm, and grew it from 140 Sun e4500 machines to over 1,500 dual processor linux machines. Software included Pixar products (Renderman, Alfred Scheduler), as well as other mainstream graphics software (Maya, Shake). Credited: Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles.

Contractor, Various, Bay Area, CA  Contractor

  November 1998 - December 2000

Clients included Advanced Imaging / Synarc, Bank of America, and ePropose (a startup).


The University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA — Double Major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Graduated   1994


  • Tech: C, C++, Python, javascript, Java, Linux, extensive systems administration, various graphics tools and APIs (OpenGL, webgl).
  • Productivity:Jira, Confluence,Datadog, Logrocket, github, AWS, Redis, MongoDB, My SQL.